Quality Solutions for Your Lawn

Ensuring a Gorgeous Home Exterior

A well-tended and carefully designed landscape can do wonders for your home. Here at Gillespie Landscape in Charlotte, NC, we provide a wide range of quality lawn and landscaping services to help you achieve and maintain a gorgeous home exterior. From upgrading your landscape design to tending to your landscape installation, we have you covered! Invest in a beautiful landscape and garden today, and enjoy the many benefits of having a stunning outdoor look!

Our Lawn and Landscaping Services


Landscape Design

Leaf Removal



Pine Needle Cover


Shrub Pruning

Spring and Fall Clean-Up

Bring Your Landscape Design Ideas to Life

Make your home exterior more attractive with the landscaping services of Gillespie Landscape! Collaborate with us to create a design that will transform your yard into a work of art. To get started, book an appointment today and properly discuss your design ideas with our landscaping and garden design experts.

We promise to go above and beyond to bring those ideas to life. If you wish to learn more about our landscaping services, please do not hesitate to give us a call.